Gloria Onyanehi Jonathan

Tie & Dye Beneficiary

I attended the training on Tie & Dye to be self employed. I found it very interesting as our facilitators encouraged us that “ a mistake in tie & dye is a design”. I was nominated for further training in Ilesha. Presently I’m making money from this business & redesign old T-shirts & jeans for people here in my community ( Ebologba).

Thompson .A. Ekwu.

E & O Memorial Academy

I am grateful to the foundation that has given great opportunities to three (3) of my children to acquire an education. After observing the teaching methods at E & O Memorial Academy, I enrolled my last child in the preschool & subsequently my daughter & I’ve been extremely satisfied with how they are turning out, their knowledge, memory, character and every area of their development.

Odeh David Owoicho

Barbing Beneficiary

I joined the program to learn Barbing & computer training. I’ve further attended the computer program & received a certificate. I have jointly established a Barbing salon with my brother & it’s an encouraging source of finance.