About Us


It had always been the dream & pet project of the late Major and Mrs. Ediga Okwa, a humble and generous couple from Otukpo Local Government Area of Benue State, to make a positive impact in the lives of the children, youths, and women in their rural community. As a result, The Ediga and Oya Ray of Hope Foundation was established and duly registered in 2018 with a vision and mission to improve the lives of children, youths, and women in rural communities. In 2019, the children brought their dreams to its full realization. The foundation began its operations in Egbologba community of Otukpo LGA of Benue state. It aims to establish educational and skill acquisition training centers for children and youth while also advocating for the rights of the women.

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Our Vision

To give quality education to children, youth and women while also advocating for the rights of women in rural communities.

Our Mission

  • To improve the lives of people in the rural communities by giving the children, youth and women access to good education so as to be able to compete favourably with counterparts from urban areas and other parts of the world.
  • To advocate for the right of women and helping them scale through challenges by offering pro bono services and mitigating gender issues.
  • To make quality education available to children and youths by building full fledged world class schools, skill acquisition and information technology centres for rural communities.


Our aim is to improve the lives of people inn rural communities. This includes;

  • To educate the rural children and give them an opportunity to quality education
  • To improve the lives of youth by equipping them with essential skills for entrepreneurship
  • To empower the rural women (farmers) to be financially literate
  • To educate the women on how to use technology to improve their businesses
  • To increase awareness of the women in understanding their human rights
  • To advocate for the right of women and offer pro bono services where needed

Scope of Work


Quality education for children in rural communities


Relevant skill acquisition and technology training for youth


Business education and advocacy for the rights of women

History, Expansion and Growth

The vision to develop communities started with the Ebologba community in Otupko local government area in Benue state, Nigeria. We aim to expand to other communities within the Otukpo LGA and then expand to other local government areas of the entire Idoma clan in Benue state. A school has been established in the Bologna community with 25 children aged 3yrs to 6 yrs, 20 women and youths. We are solely funded by family and private individuals and would seek support from the general public, government and foundations to help our growth and expansion.

How We Work

  • We leverage technology for learning and other activities.
  • We understand the importance of communication and operate an open door policy.
  • We adopt the play & learn culture in education of children.
  • We involve parents to ensure adequate involvement of their childrens’ learning process.
  • We ensure continuous education for our teachers through online learning and training within and outside the country.