• Education
    For the rural children
    Bringing quality education to children in rural communities
    to give them a hopeful future.
  • Advocacy
    For the rural women
    Business education and advocacy for the rights of women
    to improve their way of living.
  • Skill Training
    For The Youth
    Relevant skill acquisition and information technology centres
    for youth in rural communities


Giving children access to good education to enable them compete favourably with counterparts from other parts of the world.


To make quality education available to youths by building full fledged world class schools, skill acquisition and information technology centres for rural communities.


To advocate for the right of women and helping them scale through challenges by offering pro bono services and mitigating gender issues

About Ediga-Oya Foundation

Ediga & Oya foundation was established to give rural children from age 3 years to 6 years a good shot at quality education. We also aim to equip youth from age 12 years to 20 years and rural women with essential skills for entrepreneurship through the skill acquisition training.

The vision to develop communities started with the Ebologba community in Otupko local government area in Benue state, Nigeria. We aim to expand to other communities within the Otukpo LGA and then expand to other local government areas of the entire Idoma clan in Benue state.

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How you can help us

Just call at (234) 9021760407 to make a donation

Our volunteers

Our work is made possible by a team of volunteers who work to make this vision a reality

Inalegwu Ikwue

Aanawo Anne Ikwue

Geraldine George-Okwa

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